Product HD Haptic driver IC

HD Haptic driver IC

 HD Haptic driver IC


High Definition Digital Haptic Driver IC

  • Description

    The RM101 is a high definition haptic driverIC with integrated digital front end, digital-to-analog converter, anddifferential output driver amp. It receives digital haptic data via I2C bus. Then converts the data into highfidelity analog signal using DAC, and drives actuator with high current withonly 0.4 ms of turn-on time. Current limit and thermal overload protectionprevent the device from being damaged when IC is overloaded.

  • Features

    • Up to 1-MHz I2C interface with internal 128 Bytes FIFO
    • Low power operation: under 1 mA of quiescent current
    • IC supply voltage range: 3 V to 5.5 V
    • IO Voltage: 1.8 V to VDD
    • Programmable I2C slave address up to 3
    • Immersion TS5000 Compliant
    • Minimum 8 ohm load
    • Support 8/4/2 kHz data sample rate
    • Typical 1% THD+N
    • Fast turn-on time under 0.4 ms
    • Typical 2 uA standby current
    • Current limit and thermal overload protection
    • No external component for mobile phone PCB
    • 1.21 x 1.21 mm2 9-ball WLCSP, 3 x 3 mm2 QFN package
    • RoHS compliant package

  • Applications

    • Mobile phones
    • Tablets
    • Portable computers
    • Keyboards and Mouse devices
    • Electronic gaming
    • Touch enabled devices